About Us

Curious about our business?

From our humble beginnings to our numerous shops producing the area’s best premium coffee. This is how we created our success.

MOKA Drive Thru Service & Seriously Skilled Baristas



Here at MOKA , we have a passion for great coffee and making genuine connections with each and every one of our guests. Our core business is built around focusing on high quality coffee and espresso drinks, very fast service, and exceptional customer service. It is our goal to provide all of our guests with their favorite drink exactly the way they would like it quickly and with a friendly smile and personalized touch.


MOKA is a drive thru based coffee shop with locations in Rochester, Madison, La Crosse, and Onalaska. All of our stores have a drive thru which feature quick and easy access on and off our lots. As a drive thru, we recognize we are not usually a destination for our guests, but rather a stop on their way to school or work or wherever else they are off to any given day. Our stores and operations are set up to maximize our efficiencies and help us serve our guests quickly. This allows our guests to get to their destination on time with their favorite mocha, latte, or coffee in hand.



Each of our locations offers a wide variety of specialty coffee, tea, and espresso drinks. All of our espresso drinks can be made hot, iced, or blended and can be easily customized for individual preferences. We carry a number of different flavors including vanilla, caramel, hazelnut and many more. We also offer a variety of sugar-free and dairy-free drink options. Our Baristas are well trained to assist our customers in deciding on their perfect drink. Every drink is then hand-crafted and made fresh using the highest quality ingredients. In addition to hand-crafted drinks, we also offer a number of breakfast and snack food options at each of our stores. We feature fresh, locally sourced bakery items at our stores.


Behind each cup of coffee we serve, our goal is to make a genuine connection with our customers. We feel the drink is just part of the overall experience when someone visits our stores. We take the time to meet our customers and engage with them while they wait for their favorite drink. We believe coffee is so much more than just a drink, but rather a way to connect our communities, share experiences and make connections.